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Welcome to Tomy Foundation

By rescuing her, she gave us nothing but love and affection in return. We are an institution aimed at awakening the sensitivity of every organization and individual towards their environment, fostering a culture of care and interest towards those beings who share the planet with us, with the aim of achieving harmonious coexistence. We are not a shelter.

Our story

Inspired by our love for animals and in tribute to a rescued Cocker Spaniel named Tomasa, who had suffered severe abuse, we were given love and affection. In recognition of her bravery and as a tribute to her memory, we created the Tomy Foundation.

Our Mission

To promote education and awareness among the Mexican population by offering efficient, transparent, and quality services to protect and safeguard animal life and their habitat.

Our Vision

To be an institution that plays a key role in the cultural shift towards the environment, fostering a healthy coexistence of society with the animal and plant world based on the philosophy of respect for life.

Our Values
  • Empathy
  • Consistency
  • Transparency

Your donation makes a difference.

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Changing the world, one animal at a time.

Awareness campaigns

Donating makes a difference.

Tomy in Toronto. ⁠⁠Yes, we have a passport! Adopt us in Canada!

If you're thinking about adopting a pet, CONGRATULATIONS! At Tomy Foundation, we advise you to choose the perfect companion for you and your family. Remember that you must be aware of the responsibilities you are taking on: A pet lives for more than 10 years, requires time, space, food, and most importantly, a lot of LOVE.

All our adoptable pets are delivered: Spayed/Neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated. We are not a shelter.

All our adoptable pets are delivered: Spayed/Neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated. We are not a shelter.

Veterinary Services


⁠⁠Spay and neuter services

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Together we make a positive change.

Rescued Dogs


Sterilized Dogs


Adopted Dogs


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Get in touch with us and we'll contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wonderful people, friendly service, and a great love for dogs and cats..

Victor Corona


They have a vision for the sustainability of living beings, for a better future for them; finding a worthy home.

Monse Santiago


Excellent treatment from everyone, thank you.

Norma Días


Excellent service from the veterinary clinic, showing love for animals. 'Animalists in Action' are grateful for the vaccines for our rescues.

Olga Angie


Happy people and pets

You can also make these changes happen. If you see a lost or sick animal, don't ignore it. Help it and allow it to have a help animals have a second chance in life

There are many ways to help; if you be a foster home during the dog's healing process, you can be a temporary home while the animal recovers or finds a responsible family.
spread the word.

The world changes with action not opinions.